New Ecological Refrigerant Gas R452A


UDEX is committed to protecting our environment through the commercialization and use of equipment that uses clean technologies and that substitute harmful substances for greener alternatives.

Since January 2018, HC R290 refrigerant has replaced R404A in some ranges of ice machines. Now, following the gradual replacement of the R404A gas, the HC ranges start working with the R452 gas, allowing a GWP (global warming potential) reduction of around 45%.

R452A (Opteon®XP44) is a non-flammable HFO-based refrigerant with a performance match close to the R404A, which it now replaces.

• safe and non-flammable
• HFO-based and ozone-free refrigerant
• reduction of global warming potential
• supported and approved by the major component manufacturers
Its performance includes a low discharge temperature similar to the R404A as well as comparable energy efficiency, making it ideal for new refrigeration applications for transporting and upgrading existing systems that previously used the R404A. The R452A is the next-generation refrigerant and a step toward better refrigeration and environmental responsibility.