Enter the new experience of seeing and feeling CookHit

We have innovated our website by introducing interactive 3D models of our Cook HIT by UDi line, so that you have the possibility to view the equipment in 3D from any angle and in full detail and so that you have a more noticeable idea of depth, perspective and a more original environment closer to reality.

What products are available in 3D?
When you enter a product page that has the "View 3D Article" icon, it means that the 3D view is available.

Currently, only our exclusive CooK HIT 700 and 900 lines have 3D visualizations available.
In the future we will add more objects to the 3D library. Stay tuned to be the first to hear about our innovations!

Do you want to enter the 3rd Dimension?
Click in the following example to have a glimpse of what you can see in 3D.

When the new windows opens and the 3D model shows, use your mouse to interact with the object.

Have fun exploring this new dimension!