About Us

We are a leading company in the Industrial Hospitality sector since the 70s. With an established presence in the domestic market, we are in the process of internationalization since the 90s which has contributed to the expansion and growth of the company.
Our path of more than 30 years of success shared with those we recognize as strategic business partners, our Customers, continues to be inspired by the desire to create value, investing in Differentiated and Competitive Solutions.

Meet Our Solutions
Armazéns Próprios

Own Warehouses

UDEX has in terms of facilities, an area of own warehouses with a size of approximately 8,000 m2.
Equipas Técnicas Especializadas

Specialized Technical Teams

UDEX integrates own technical team of assembly that operates in all the national territory.
Recursos Humanos

Human Resources

UDEX actively promotes the continuous development of its Employees' competences, recognizing them as a structuring pillar in guaranteeing the quality of the solutions and services provided to its clients.
Serviço de Excelência e Personalizado

Excellence and Custom Service

UDEX ensures the provision of customized solutions fully adjusted to the needs of its customers. We invest in developing close collaboration with our clients to design the most efficient solutions in each case.


  • Provision of a personalized service of technical advice that promotes the identification of the most appropriate solutions for each client;
  • Monitoring the implementation of the projects;
  • Design functional solutions to meet the needs of our customers;
  • Plan the processes that lead to the best solutions to achieve the objectives of each project;
  • Continuously improve processes for more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste;
  • Adopt the best practices of security and social responsibility;
  • Strictly comply with the commitments of supply and payment to our customers and suppliers, respectively.